Hi everyone,

We hope you all enjoyed your first share of the season. Please definitely reach out if there are any issues with anything. The feedback is super helpful. And tag us in any photos of food you make with the shares. We love seeing what you all put together with the produce. Don’t forget to bring with your tote and empty containers to the pick-up (or set them out for delivery).

This week’s share is full of greens, as is expected this time of year. The weather has been consistently warm though, so we’re expecting that the produce will start looking a little more summery before we know it. The recipe this week features a couple of larder items that we’ve made over the last month (pickled asparagus and green garlic salt). We’ll have them available for purchase at pick-up, but feel free to purchase them ahead of time to add to your share.

Hope you all enjoy the share!


This Week’s Recipe

Asparagus Salad

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