CSA Club Share

A Nichol's Farm Standard CSA share, cleaned, prepped, and packed just for you.

CSA Club begins June 4th
Biweekly ‘boxes’

Pickup on Sundays
@ Tinyshop (2659 w Armitage Ave, Logan Square) or
@ Belli’s (1250 s Blue Island Ave)
Delivery available for select area codes ($5 or $10 per ‘box’)

How much food is it?
Each share is enough veggies for 1-2 people that cook at home most days.
Shares are bi-weekly with the intentional goal of minimizing waste. All items should last ~ 2 weeks refrigerated, but hopefully you will use up everything perishable prior to picking up your next ‘box’.
Shares are best utilized when supplemented with your preferred veggie vehicle (think bread, rice, or tortillas) and protein source.
Ideally, your share is all of the veggies you need for the season and trips to the grocery store are only for non-produce items, or to bridge the gap between pick-ups

Pay what you can

We offer two payment levels to choose from: accessible and approachable. Everyone’s situation is different, but we want everyone to have access to locally grown food.

  • AccessibleThis level covers cost to us, but doesn’t necessarily cover the labor we put in to make each ‘box.’
  • Approachable – This slightly higher price level reflects the worth of the value-added product we create by making locally grown food more convenient and ensures we are able to continue to provide that service.

When choosing a payment level, please consider your current income and any benefits included, the wealth of the home you grew up in, and whether you have easy access to healthy food and green spaces.

Pay as you go

While an upfront payment helps us plan and manage risk as a small and growing business, we know the large ticket price of a full share can be a burden depending on your situation. In order to alleviate that burden, we offer an option to pay as you go, paying for each box every time you pick up.

If this option is right for you, simply select “Pay at pickup” when checking out.

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