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Pickled Asparagus

Purple Asparagus from Ellis Family Farm. Pickled and canned with garlic.

Pickled Asparagus

Pickled at the peak of the asparagus season, a moment of spring every chef looks forward to. Because the anthocyanins that give the purple color are water soluble, they’ve bled from the outside of the asparagus to the pickle liquid and flesh giving a beautiful pink hue. The characteristic flavor of asparagus is complemented with the a zing of acid and woody-herbal flavor of dill seed. These would be the ultimate garnish for a Bloody Mary. Use on salads, sandwiches, snacking, or just toss in with whatever other veggies your sautéing for some variety.

1 pint (16oz)

Purple Asparagus – Ellis Family Farms; Benton Harbor, MI
Garlic – Nichol’s Farm; Marengo, IL
White Vinegar via Tinyshop (zero waste grocer) – Rustic Strength; Mansfield, MO
Dill Seed via Cermak – Spice It!; hard to tell
Canning Salt – Ball; hard to tell


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