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This newsletter is going out a little later than normal – partly because I procrastinated, and partly because these shares took a little long. The nature of CSAs with veggies being different each week is that the work it takes to prep shares can shift considerably. There’s probably always more we could do to make the shares as easy for you to use as possible, but we only have so much time and lots of veggies to get through. Yet we persist.  For most things, it’s a matter of functionality. The broccoli stems for example this week are delicious, but need the peeling first to be nice for cooking. For some things, there are quicker ways to prep, but sometimes we bend over backwards to make it the prettiest version of itself at a single moment of the season. The carrots for example are stunning with a little tuft of green like we did earlier in the season, but now the carrots look best tuftless. It all takes time to do, but the eyes eat first.

Lots of tasty stuff in the shares this week. Apologies that tropea onions and zucchini didn’t make it into the photo. We had a delivery mixup but fortunately it was all resolved in time to get everything prepped. We’re also including the first round of CSA Club stock in the shares. This is stock made from the CSA Club scraps throughout the season. The recipe below utilizes it for a collards, but you could swap it in for any stock or water in any recipe.

Hope you all enjoy the share!


This Week’s Recipe

Braised Collard Greens

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