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Exciting news! We’re doing a collaboration dinner with Next Door Dinners and Traverse at Loft Lucia in West Loop on June 18th. The venue is gorgeous and the menu was designed by my friend and chef, Tom DiCarlo. All proceeds will go to Market Box to support their work in distributing locally sourced produce to low income families across the south side. You can get your tickets here. We hope to see you all there!

We’ve been reflecting recently on all the relationship building it takes to make a small business like Gard Mo successful. It really takes a village. Then to imagine the amount of collective effort necessary to create a regenerative food system to replace our current broken one seems… daunting.
We say “CSA” a lot, but maybe we don’t say what it stands for enough; Community Supported Agriculture. We believe in the ethos of Community Supported Agriculture wholeheartedly as the solution to not only the industrial food system, but also to the disconnect so many of us feel as a result of the material-individualism ingrained in us. Thank you all so much for being part of the community.

Hope you all enjoy the share!


This Week’s Recipe

Sautéed Bok Choi

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