Hi everyone,

We are coming up to the halfway point in the season. It’s pretty crazy to compare the photos of shares from the beginning of the season to now. The volume of greens has been replaced by a dense array of colors. The bounty of this time of year is truly unmatched. As I munch on green beans, or melon, or cherry tomatoes, or corn, or anything of the other things in the shares these days, I often find myself thinking “I love the summer.”

I wanted to share a little bit from Nichols Farm’s newsletter last week. Todd Nichols writes;

As a diversified family vegetable farm i want to take this moment to let you know just how important you are to us. I say this after severing ties with a local grocery chain who wanted to offer our produce this season. They simply wanted the very best produce we could produce for insultingly low prices. This and they rejected something every week. This is the problem with our global food system. More food goes to waste for being too big or too small than you could imagine. This is why a direct consumer relationship is so important to the small family farm. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to stay in business.

We know that being part of a CSA can sometimes feel like a burden, especially when life gets busy. It can be a lot of food and sometimes things that are foreign or difficult to use. The ambition of Gard Mo is to lessen some of that burden, and we hope that we’ve been able to do that for you all thus far in the season.

If the goal is a local food system that can support our communities (we believe it is), the stability of CSA members goes a long way in enabling the small farms needed for that vision. We’d like to echo Todd and thank you all for supporting us, and the local food system.


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