Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, it felt like everyone was ready to usher in fall, but the recent heat and abundance of summer produce has us feeling like we’re still in the thick of summer. Farmer Todd reported that cool weather crops were being seeded last week, so we have a few weeks before we start seeing those. He is worried though that the heat and continuing drought may force him to reseed, so fingers crossed. Either way, we still have a lot more summer produce to enjoy.

August has been a pretty busy month for us. Over the last couple of weeks, Lisa and I coordinated a couple of dinners. One, a collaboration with our friend and sous chef at Waldorf Astoria, Thom DiCarlo. And the other, in our roles as the Culinary Coordinators for Next Door Dinners. We love getting all of the veggies ready for the CSA Club to cook with, but these dinners are an opportunity for us to get to cook and serve them to people. It’s a lot fun and with how delicious the produce is, it’s always super tasty. We’re hoping to do more of these towards the end of the season so keep an eye out.

Enjoy the veggies!

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