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We hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. The fireworks here in Pilsen are as much an auditory experience as visual, so constant that it sounds like a drumroll. It’s definitely an experience.

The shares this week usher in the peak season; sweetcorn, new potatoes, and peppers have arrived. Farmers that I’ve heard from are saying that the season is a full two weeks earlier than what is typical. Todd Nichols of Nichols Farm had this to share about the corn in our shares this week:

“Today we are both harvesting our first sweetcorn of the year and planting our last sweetcorn of the year. This is record early. It was planted record early and the temps have been good. Corn is a real measure of cumulative warmth. There is no doubt our climate is warming.”

While we are fortunate to be able to enjoy all this delicious produce early this year, these shifting conditions don’t bode well for predictability and stability in the future. All the reason to be building out robust and decentralized food systems.

For the recipe this week, we had initially intended to do Smashed New Potatoes and Garlic Mayo. New potatoes, however, are much higher in water content than their more common counterpart, old potatoes. Because of that they tend to keep their shape better, which is the opposite thing we want when smashing potatoes so when we tried  to do it, it failed. You could still try to make smashed potatoes with these, just be sure to cook the potatoes fully before attempting the smash.

Instead, we’re just going to post the garlic mayo recipe which came out really nice and let you all decide what to dip in it (maybe the corn???). This is actually a vegan, tofu-based mayo, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s also convenient if the idea of eating raw egg weirds you out.

Hope you all enjoy the share!


This Week’s Recipe

Caramelized Garlic Tofu Mayo

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