McIntosh and Cortland Apples

McIntosh apples are a classic variety. Originated cultivated in Upper Canada, they entered commercial production in 1870 and today are in the top fifteen apple cultivars in the US. Tart with a green apple flavor similar to Granny Smith. Cortlands are a McIntosh x Ben Davis hybrid developed in Geneva, NY in 1898. Striated green […]

Orano and Gypsy Sweet Peppers

The Oranos are the bright orange and are extraordinarily sweet with a zesty flavor. The Gypsys are the red and yellow, and have a more fruity flavor similar to fresnos (no heat though).

Italian Eggplant

Another last of the season. We like to use eggplant in addition with other veggies (sautéed, roasted, or however)  since it’s texture adds a nice variety to the crunchiness of most other vegetables.

Orange Hokum Carrots

The flavor of these carrots is wild. The distinctive aroma of carrots is due to terpenes. This family of compounds can have aromas ranging from flowery to citrusy to piney. In these carrots I notice prominent baking spices, like clove or cardamom.

Patty Pan Squash

One last round of Patty Pans will be the last of the summer squash. Earlier this week, we split some Patty Pans hamburger style and grilled, charring the outside but keeping the center firm. They were like squash cutlets.

Bi Color Sweet Corn

This is the last corn of the season so we’ve left them whole again for grilling in this nice cool weather to close out the season. If you don’t have a grill, another option is to bake husk-on on a sheet tray at 350F for ~45 mins. 

Cipollini Onions

There Cipollinis in the shares a couple weeks back back. Sweet and disc shaped, these are great roasted whole, or used anywhere else you would use onion.

Seedless Watermelon

Similar to corn and eggplant, this will the last of the melon for the season. With that in mind, and because these are nice small ones, we left them whole for you to be able to delay the last few bites if you’d like. My preferred method for cutting melons is to first cut off […]

Covington and Carolina Ruby Sweet Potatoes

We have a theme this week of two varieties of the same veggie. It should be fun to compare the differences The Covingtons have brick orange skin, while the Carolina Rubys skin is well.. ruby.

Cranberry Beans

Shelled beans might be the best benefit of being part of the CSA Club as shelling them is quite laborious. We typically put something on the TV and plod away at the beans, that way you all can easily enjoy them. The cold weather has baked beans or soup on my mind for these.


A member of the brassica family, collards have a deep savory flavor in comparison to kale. It’s hardy, and stands up well to long slow braising.

Bell Peppers

We’re always thinking about the balance between making things convenient for all, and making sure items last as long as possible. This week we opted to just leave the bell peppers whole to give you all some more time before you have to get around to using them.

Mixed variety Apples

This will be the first of a lot of apples that will be in the shares through the remainder of the season. The beauty of them though is that they will last for a good long time in the crisper box of the refrigerator. Last year, Lisa and I were still eating apples from our […]

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Golds have a beautiful yellow tint with thin skins, making them an awesome all purpose potato. They’re great for soups, mashed, or just roasted. Think potato and leek soup.


We had baby leeks a few early last month when they were still small. Now they’re big boys, so I’ve cut them down into nice sized pieces that will be manageable to work with as you will.

Brussels Sprouts

What corn is to summer, brussels sprouts are to fall. Simply halved and roasted, these are a treat.

Shishito Peppers

As all peppers do when left to ripen long enough, the shishitos are a vibrant red. The surprise spicy ones are still there (and maybe a bit more spicy), but majority are not spicy, just sweet and fruity.

Bi Color Sweet Corn

This is likely the last corn we’ll see in the share for the season. So with that we left them whole again for grilling in this nice cool weather to close out the season. If you don’t have a grill, another option is to bake husk-on on a sheet tray at 350F for ~45 mins. 


The melon has been fantastic this year. We hope you all are continuing to enjoy it as much as we have been.

Dutch Kale

This is probably our least favorite variety of kale. Curly and a little thicker, it can often take some work to chew. Because of that, I like to both chop this kale small and either braise it, use it in soups, or in other situations with longer and moist cooking times to soften it as […]